New Poll + Director Results

For a new poll I thought we could rate Natalie’s look from the latest set of candids.


As for the directors poll, the results were quite interesting.

Which of these directors would you most like to see Natalie work with?

Sofia Coppola 25.15% (41 votes)

Chris Nolan 22.09% (36 votes)

PT Anderson 9.82% (16 votes)

Tom Tykwer 9.2% (15 votes)

Alejandro Gonzalez Inaritu 8.59% (14 votes)

Wes Anderson 6.75% (11 votes)

Lars Von Trier 6.75% (11 votes)

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant 6.13% (10 votes)

Spike Jonze 4.29% (7 votes

Miranda July 0.61% (1 vote)

I didn’t think Sofia had that many fans. Wow. Nolan is pretty much where I thought he’d be. Thought Spike would get a lot more votes than that. Didn’t think Miranda would get any votes so that’s nice that at least one person has seen and loved her film.