no woman, no cry

Hey all

This is a nice chilled sunday update. No breathtaking news but a few odds and ends to catch up on. So light up a “smoke”, put on some reggae and lets get to it.

Devan sent in a lovely scan of the Interview pic that was on two pages.

Ryan sends word that Nat was on a short interview segment on ET-MTV this morning. Anyone else catch it? Maybe its worth keeping an eye for a rerun.

Amidoll found this shweet Cold Mountain DVD review.

Most notable among them was Natalie Portman as Sara. She is a grieving widow taking care of a sick baby who takes in Inman. Her scenes are incredibly emotional and her character goes through a wide range of changes in a short amount of screentime. It quickly becomes apparent that George Lucas has been wasting her talents in Star Wars.

Damn straight.

And here’s a cute quote from another CM review.

The Specific Quote: Put bluntly, although Nicole Kidman is indeed a mighty fine lass, her passion for Inman doesn’t seem to be powerful enough to motivate him to walk halfway across the country through hardship and sorrow, just to return to a woman who may or may not be dead. Especially not when Natalie Portman invites him into her bed along the way.

That would have made a nice twist.
Sara: “Where are ya heading?”
Inman: “Errr…nowhere. Say, your bed looks might comfy like.”

Orionsaint sends word that Natalie is heading back to the UK. This time it’s not to snog Jude Law but to film Star Wars reshoots. Most of the main cast are returning from August 23 through to September 4th.

Harpers Bazaar asks “who would you like on the cover?”. At this point you’re all shouting “DAZZA!” but alas, I have been overlooked once more. But Natalie wasn’t so get voting. Thanks to Amy.

And finally, Loleia sent in 3 lovely wallpapers. Really great work as usual.

Ok, that’s enough for now. Night.