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As Kris mentioned, we will be putting up an editorial with our thoughts on V for Vendetta and asking you to submit your mini reviews. We’ll also have a poll up to gauge opinion. But I want to wait till the weekend when the film will be releasing in a few more countries.

Let’s see what we have for today…

Decided to add a new poll about Nat’s recent tv appearances.

And here are the results of the previous poll.

Is this Vanity Fair pic showing too much skin?

No, the pic is gorgeous as it is. 54.83% (551 votes)

Yes, it’s a bit over the line. 22.89% (230 votes)

There is no such thing as too much skin. 21.39% (215 votes)

V for Vendetta pulled in a decent $25.6 million for its opening weekend in the States and here’s a nice report about it.

This could be the last publicity article about V that I link to. I think we get the picture by now. Thanks to Philosophyguy.

The NY Post has a very pinch of salt tidbit. Thanks to Sarah.

NATALIE Portman is a dancing queen. Last weekend, she hit Aer Lounge at midnight with a group of six friends and proceeded to dance like “a madwoman” on top of a banquette for hours until she almost passed out. Her pals promptly fanned and spritzed the movie princess with ice water to rouse her – and it worked. At 4 a.m., the “V for Vendetta” hottie was spotted at Soho 323 in a frantic “dance-off” with a tattooed member of party promoter David Rodolitz’s posse, who hosted the after-hours revelry.

That sounds like my weekends. Minus the dancing. And passing out. And going out. And friends.


And finally, Chrash sent in a couple HD collages. GMA and Letterman.

Thats all for now.