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So I managed to get my grubby little hands on the transcript for Nat and Zach’s Garden State commentary. I’ve only read bits and pieces cos I don’t want to spoil the film for myself. Anyway, here are a few excerpts to get you all jonesing for the DVD. Feel free to skip them if you want to remain…pure…like a snowflake…or Madonna.

Nat: “Everyone can use a good excuse to have an orgy.”

Zach: “Yeah, um, Jim Parsons. He?s amazing. See. There are people who speak Klingon now, you know that.”

Nat: “Um, no, I’m in Star Wars, not Star Trek. [laugh] I know it’s confusing.”

Zach: “And, uh, you know, there?s something really sexy about a girl who collects vinyl.”

Nat: “Although you guys totally had to teach me how to put a record on.”

Zach: [overlapping] “I know.”

Nat: “I was, like, never done it before in my life.”

Zach: [overlapping] “Natalie had never put a record on in her entire life. Isn?t that sweet?”

Nat: “I grew up with tapes, bud.”

Nat: “My mom always pulls this shit on me.”

Zack: “Really?” [laugh]

Nat: “She always pulls out videos for, like, friends or boyfriends or whatever. It’s very embarrassing.”

Thanks to ‘Paul WS Anderson Sucks’.

Since we’re on topic, here are the result of the last poll.

So Natalie is doing a commentary for Leon…

Great news, I’ll definitely buy that! 43.54% (337 votes)

Cool, but it’s not worth buying another Leon DVD. 26.36% (204 votes)

Big deal. 14.34% (111 votes)

The commentary better include Charlie. 10.85% (84 votes)

Screw Leon. What about Where the Heart Is? 4.52% (35 votes)

And of course, we have a brand new poll up for you to have your say in.

Is Nat looking forward to Vincent Gallo’s fellatio road movie (is that genre done to death or what)? Seems like it…

Vincent Gallo, drawing stares as he sauntered recently through SoHo in head-to-toe leather during a Rolling Stone mag photo shoot. Among those who admired his outfit was passerby Natalie Portman, who told Gallo she’s looking forward to his steamy flick “The Brown Bunny,” about a motorcycle racer who rides across the country trying to forget his one true love…


Thanks to JC for that and for…

Nat to attend HFPA Annual Installation Luncheon tomorrow.

And finally, we do now have links to where you can get that ‘Kerry Me’ top. Try here or here.

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