Esquire interview


Mart was kind enough to write up the Esquire article, which is Zach Braff interviewing Natalie. Mart wasn’t terribly enthused by it but I thought it was pretty interesting. Not to mention funny, fucko!

Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

As promised, the poll about the pic battle.

And here are the results from the previous poll.

Which tv appearance did you enjoy the most?

Letterman 45.2% (240 votes)

The Playboy Channel 23.35% (124 votes)

Conan 16.2% (86 votes)

The Daily Show 9.23% (49 votes)

Good Morning America 1.69% (9 votes)

Good Day 1.13% (6 votes)

Charlie Rose 1.13% (6 votes)

Yeah, Letterman was my favourite as well. Although I thought she looked best on The Daily Show (aside from those wind chimes in her ears) and the Good Day show was actually the most interesting.

That’s it for now. More later.