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By June 23, 2009Site-news

I know, I know. Where the hell is Natalie, right? Well, right now she could be anywhere (check under your bed for a start). However, in a week or two she should definitely be jetting in to Belfast for the start of a really long shoot for Your Highness, the David Gordon Green/Danny Mcbride fantasy comedy flick.

Since that is almost ready to begin shooting, I thought I better add it to the filmography page. This will be Natalie’s 26th feature film (27 if you count Zoolander) and by the sounds of things, she should hit 30 films before she hits 30 years.


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  • sak says:

    She already has over 30 projects under her belt if you count everything (but the ads).

    And I think I got a glimpse of her under my bed… or was it that magazine…