Garden State feedback


As promised last week, it’s time to see what you all think of Nat’s newest movie. So…

If you’ve seen it and want your say, send me an email and I’ll put together a special Editorial with a collection of your reviews.

If that’s a bit too taxing, I’ve set up a poll to gauge opinion.

And here are the results from the previous poll:

What are you thoughts on the, now concluded, Natalie Pic Battle?

Great! Let’s have another one. 46.73% (343 votes)

Cool, but the best pics didn’t do well. 36.92% (271 votes)

Great! Let’s never have another one. 10.08% (74 votes)

A total waste of everyone’s time. 5.45% (40 votes)

Since it went so well I will certainly be looking into a battle for the non magazine pics. But man, picking particular photo’s from sets is gonna be damn hard.

That’s all for now. Seeya tomorrow.