photoshop contest 1


Ok, so here is the photoshop contest page. You can vote and by friday we’ll have the first winner. Also, tomorrow I’ll post the 3 new pics for next weeks contest. Creativity and humour is the key and while this first batch was decent, we weren’t exactly left in stiches. But it’s a start and we’ll just see how the next few contests go before deciding if we and you want to keep the feature up.

Here are some more submissions that missed the point or didn’t use the contest pics.

Talk about hot. Nat ain’t looking too shabby either. Thanks to Jamie.

And Joel sent in this and this.
While Katie took the high road.

Ok, enough photoshop stuff.

Here’s a new Closer scan from the Australian Sunday Telegraph. Could someone send in a higher quality scan? A big thanks to Sonoyta and Emmajade.

Jen sent in a 3rd scan from Movies of the 90’s. This time, TPM.

Fan 11 sent in this nice little Nat write up.

Garden State pulled in another 2 million. The screen average and good buzz surely warants further prints.

And finally…

I’d like to get another editorial up soon and there’s a topic that’s been screaming at me to be done for awhile now. But I dunno. See, it sorta deals with politics…something that I’m sure we don’t want plastered all over the site. But hear me out. I promise that we’ll continue to keep politics off the site (except for the odd comic strip or joke) so this editorial will be a one off.

The editorial, of course, would be along the lines of “should Nat keep her politcal opinions to herself?”. See, I’ve gotten a few emails from people who think she really should, basically, shut up. I’d really like to hear what everyone thinks about that but…I’ve decided to leave it in your hands.

So…you decide!

And of course, here are the results from the last poll…

Natalie’s dreadlock look in EP3 is…

What the hell are you talking about? 41.72% (194 votes)

An affront to all things beautiful. 20% (93 votes)

So bad it’s almost funny. 15.7% (73 votes)

Wonderful. Although I’m obviously blind. 11.83% (55 votes)

Lucas’ biggest mistake yet. 8.6% (40 votes)

Almost half of you are clueless.

That’s it. Seeya!