It’s Mart here. While Dazza has disapered in his download doldrum (he has downloaded 6gigs in a few days!?!) I have decided to take over the site, for once and for all. Bring you some real, decent, knock-your-socks off Natalie news… prepare your tongue for hanging out.

Yeah but any way, this is a REAL revolution. Dazza is history, this site is mine. I am fed up of working in the background. And here is proof… NATALIE NEWS:

Apparently Dazza has a friend (damn he still has a use) who goes to some new school in New York. His name is Mark J. Well the TV station BRAVO are shooting some “Inside the actors studio” episode with Natalie in it, well Natalie will tell the world all her secrets!! You can read more here, although the Bravo schedules don’t show it on TV yet. Sounds interesting, maybe, or at least whole-heartidly devoted to Natalie. I hope we will learn a lot. Jammy school kids.

And yet more lucky gits at college. Tim tells us that his college TV show The Inside Reel” got to interview Natalie. They talked about how Natalie applied her Harvard studies to her acting. Wow.

But it ain’t all high brow from our Nat today… she’s been a grooving, well acording to gossip in the New York Daily news… scroll down to “side dish” towards the bottom.

Woah… that was too much for a first update. So I am going to join a college (to get to interview Natalie at last), and continue to revolt by storming the British Parliament and setting up the Natalie Portman party for Britain, and get this Dazza free site really rocking… or grooving.

Take care