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I’ll start with the big news of the day, which is this video of George Lucas in which he says that Natalie will NOT be in Indy 4. For those of you who can’t view the vid…

Interviewer: “Can you tell us who is in indiana jones 4?”
Lucas: “No”
Interviewer: “Is natalie portman in it?”
Lucas (laughing): No. I can tell you who isnt going to be in it.

I think this calls for a NEW POLL.

And here are the results of the previous poll:

What do you think of Natalie’s Oscar night look?

Wonderful 59.82% (530 votes)

Nice dress but not a good look 16.03% (142 votes)

Don’t like the dress but everything else is great 14.33% (127 votes)

Thumbs down 9.14% (81 votes)

I’m surprised that more people didn’t like the dress. I personally thought it was a bit too poofy (does my fashion jargon intimidate you?) but everything from the neck up was gorgeous.

Let’s see what else is kicking around in the inbox besides porn…

It seems as though Goya’s Ghosts will be getting a Spanish DVD release on March 27. The special features include:

-Interactive Menus, Scene Access, Introduction, Trailer, Clips,
Interviews, Behind the scenes.

Thanks to Salvador.

While on the subject of releases, Stephanie sent word that Paris Je T’aime will be getting a small release in Australia on April 19. And I believe May 4 is the US release.

And finally, Phuong Nguyen typed up that Nat interview of Zhang Ziyi, which we never did add to the articles section. Until now!

I’ve got a new np.comic but I seem to have missplaced my gallery login. Yup, we run one hell of a professional operation over here.

Anyway, I’ll hopefully get that sorted out later today or tomorrow.



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  • fanatical610 says:

    According to stellanonline, the Region 2 (UK & Europe) DVD release for Goya’s Ghost can be pre-ordered on and will be released April 23 2007.

  • clone says:

    I guess she’s not for indy 4, but I get the feeling that GL will record her voice for the CGI clone wars, after all he doesnt reveal everything and he did mention padme, and natalie did play padme. frank Oz will do Yoda again,why couldnt natalie do padme again.

    also I loved the dress she was wearing, cause it suits her alot.

    also on gaels sight, there are pictures with woman.

    anyway, I know that natalie isnt in a rush to find someone, or start a relationship yet, cause she’s trying to make a living.

  • Sak says:

    Sweet interview!

  • plop says:

    In “” i had reed about Natalie not being part of “Indiana Jones4” -but i have to admit that i don’t know wich source was used. About George Lucas, in the last Oscar he seemed to me like very ill, walking so slowly and with some one taking his arm.

  • plop says:

    Okay, so my english is bad and i unsderstanded like 25%, but still it seemed to me like Padme was going to appear in a tv series that i didn’t heard as a cartoon. I guess the answer is a big NOOOOT, nevertheless, could that means that Natalie would return to a galaxi far, far away…? Or just that there is going to be abother Padme? I also though to hear that the tv serie would be betewn Ep. I and II, so may be Natalie doesn’t fit the look of the caracter.

  • thevoid99 says:

    I really hope she isn’t in Indy 4. Lucas is a hack.