Best update ever

Ok, that might be a stretch but it’s a goodie.

Mart managed to purchase the Another Magazine and spent the last 5 hours(literally) scanning the sucker. So anyway, hold onto your pants cos here we go…


I can see how the style might not be to everyone’s liking but personally, I love this set in a big way. And Melody reckons it’s the best shoot in years.

And there was an article to go with it. Here’s the baby.

On the subject of Another Mag, as you know, they held a party for Natalie and Pasha found a writeup of the event.

For the last night, Insider was positively deluged with offers: would it be the Calvin Klein dinner? Or maybe the Ghost one at Indochine? The Narciso Rodriguez party, perhaps?
At last, Insider decided to grant the boys from Another magazine with
her presence at their dinner at Fredericks, an exclusive new club to
which admittance is granted not by membership card, but by fingerprint scanning. Only in New York, kids. Zac Posen was there in his favourite pirate jacket, as was Natalie Portman, looking beautiful but tiny, like all proper celebrities do. Björk also turned up in a white satin bodysuit and Jeremy Scott revealed what he’s been up to for the past four years: plaiting his hair and winding it about his scalp. Sadly, the three salad leaves with soy sauce did not suffice for Insider so she had to leave to raid the minibar. Thank god for $8 Snickers bars.

And from this pic it’s pretty clear that we NEEEEEED bigger versions of this set. Surely someone can help?

And finally, Garden State has just cracked the IMDB top 250 films. Awesome
stuff. Thanks to Chris.