We’ve added two more From the Inbox emails to the new editorial and we finally got someone who had a very negative view to write in. Check it out.

The Lois Lane rumour is back. When it was last mentioned I was very much set against it but my position has softened a little. Firstly, Natalie is back on the acting map with some great small roles. If bigger films allow her to keep doing lots of great smaller work then I’m all for it. And when the first rumours hit, McG was attached to direct, which would have been awful. But now Bryan Singer (X-Men, Usual Suspects) is directing and I have a lot of faith in what he’ll be able to do. Anyway, here’s the article. Thanks to Lurking.

And finally, let’s update the poll. Here are the results of the last, and surprisingly well received, poll:

If you found yourself on a plane trip with Natalie, would you…

Try and think of a way to make contact but end up doing nothing. 41.56% (288 votes)

Try and speak to her. 36.94% (256 votes)

Try and get her to join the mile high club. 9.52% (66 votes)

Try and convince the attendant to send over an extra bag of peanuts to her…courtesy of you. 6.93% (48 votes)

Try and hijack the plane to impress her. 4.18% (29 votes)

Quite a sad result, dontcha think?

And now for the new poll, which is about the Garden State DVD cover that I posted about earlier.