Nat on Oprah


Let’s kick things off on a humorous note. Thanks to Nate (and to Mart for the inspiration) for the new NP.comic.

It’s monday, which means the new photoshop entries are up and now it’s up to you to decide who wins. Congrats to Jar of Almonds for walking away with the trophy in the last round.

I mentioned, a couple weeks back, that an episode of Oprah was shot with some of the Closer cast, including Nat. Well it airs THIS THURSDAY. Please, if someone out there has the ability to encode and send us the clip…email Kris to arrange how to make it happen.

Mista sent in this link, which has the DVD artwork for the Leon SE DVD. Finally, some artwork for a Nat film that actually rocks.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back tomorrow with a new poll and the pics for the new photoshop contest among other things. Ciao.