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By now I’m sure you’ve all seen those gorgeous new pics from Elle. Well, let’s see what the rest of you think with the new poll.

Speaking of the Elle shoot, we still need the article so if anyone can help…

And here are the results of the last poll:

What are your thoughts on the Revenge of the Sith teaser?

My jaw is on the floor. Star Wars rocks! 37.74% (291 votes)

Haven’t seen it yet. 22.05% (170 votes)

Not enough Nat. 15.82% (122 votes)

Looks great but the trailers for the other two disappointing films were also perfect. 15.43% (119 votes)

A little underwhelming. 5.32% (41 votes)

Craptacular! 2.72% (21 votes)

Here’s hoping Lucas hits this one out the park.

While we’re on the subject, this new pic was released a few days ago. Thanks to Padme.

We’ve added a new editorial that was put forward by a visitor of the site. If you also have an idea for an editorial, fire it off and maybe we can make it happen.

JC sent in this positive little article:

Natalie Portman is having a very good year. The Israeli-born actress, known for her beguiling portrayal of a preteen in “Beautiful Girls” (1996) and her powerful portrayal of Anne Frank on Broadway in 1996, reached a new level of professional credibility this spring with her star turn in the critically acclaimed “Garden State.” She’s set to follow that up with the upcoming, Oscar-touted Mike Nichols film, “Closer.” And her fans are eagerly awaiting her return this winter as Queen Amidala in the third “Star Wars” prequel. Having emigrated from Jerusalem to Long Island at age 3, she’s learned to stand up as a vocal if thoughtful defender of Israel and liberal causes, writing letters to the Harvard Crimson defending Israel’s record as an occupier and campaigning for John Kerry in Wisconsin. Critics call her one of the most promising young actresses of this generation, while Jewish teenagers across the country call her hot and hang her posters over their beds. At 23, she’s arguably done more for young Jewish male self-esteem than anyone since Moshe Dayan.


It seems that Dave Poland might have seen Closer. He updated his little blurb for Natalie in his supporting actress predictions. Sounds very promising indeed.

We’ve got some lovely fanart today.

Gregg sent in 3 scrumptious wallpapers to get all us south hemisphere peeps in the summer mood.

And Imaculata Conception sent in a nice reimagining of the Closer poster.

And finally, a friend of mine wants a gmail address. Anyone out there have a spare invite to send me? Thanks.

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