Heal the world


I’m going to kick things off with the new NP.comic, which comes straight from the heart. Check it out here.

Congrats to Yamino for absolutely walking away with the last photoshop contest with this pic. As I previously mentioned, this will be the last contest for awhile.

There’s a lovely, although rather small, new pic from the Elle shoot on their site. Click here to check it out. Thanks to Melody.

Dita sends word that Natalie will be appearing on the Today Show on November the 25th. It’s going to be a busy but fun few weeks, guys and gals.

Holden sent in some lovely high quality caps from the Closer trailer. Enjoy.

Melody found a nice article/review of Garden State by the Flick Filosopher and it’s well worth a read if you’ve got nothing else to do.

And finally…

Yowza! Here is my new desktop wallpaper. Thanks to Eugene.

That’s it for now but I’ll be back tomorrow.