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New Poll + Vogue Pic Results

An obvious topic for the new poll – Natalie being linked to the new David Fincher thriller, Gone Girl. While The Wrap thought Natalie was in the running, the LA Times have a source saying that Natalie was in discussions but that they couldn’t agree a deal. I’ve been trying to contact my source to find out which report is the more accurate, but thus far no reply. Before we get the verdict, let’s see you guys weigh in on this project.

[polldaddy poll=7254730]

As for the last poll, about whether this photo is, as I felt, one of the worst professional photos of Natalie ever taken…well, the results were quiet varied. Definitely a lot of people agreeing with me, and hardly anyone thought the photo was great, but the most votes still went to a modest thumbs up for the photo.