Girl Gone?

The David Fincher thriller, starring Ben Affleck, is definitely a hot topic at the moment. We first heard, via The Wrap, that Natalie was in negotiations. Then we heard from the LA Times that Natalie and the production had not been able to make a deal. Now Variety is chiming in and unfortunately it’s not sounding terribly optimistic for us Natalie fans.

Emily Blunt, Natalie Portman and Charlize Theron were being eyed. Sources close to Theron say she has no interest in pursuing the role and other insiders say Blunt and Portman’s schedules would not allow them to do it.

Budget considerations could be one factor in the choice: With Affleck coming on board, actresses like Theron or Portman may be out of range.

I’m surprised that Rosamund Pike is in consideration. After Jack Reacher I would have thought she’d be locked away in movie jail for at least a couple years O_o

Thanks to Maribel and Belerofonte!