Just to let you know that we have the Ellen clip and it’ll be up on the site sometime today. Also don’t forget the Making of Closer on Bravo today.

Might as well throw in this blurb from Tom as well.

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN feared she was under attack as she jetted into Los Angeles yesterday (07DEC04), when her plane raced back into the skies just seconds before it was due to land.

The Israeli beauty flew into the Californian city to promote her new movie CLOSER on various chat shows. But just hours before making her scheduled studio appearances, she was in the midst of a terrifying experience.

She says, “About 100 metres above landing, it took off again. It’s not so fun, and they don’t explain to you what’s going on. So you’re like, ‘Someone’s shooting at us!’

“They (later) explained that the airplane ahead of us didn’t clear the runway soon enough. I was like, ‘Don’t they know that earlier than right before we’re supposed to land?’ Everything was cool until that moment.”


Seeya later.

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