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Where to begin?

Kris has been itching to talk about the Actors Studio clip and he’s finally gotten the chance with this new editorial.

Which leads us right into the results of the Actors Studio poll.

What did you think of the Actors Studio episode?

Her best tv/talk show appearance yet. 40.55% (161 votes)

Haven’t seen it yet. 32.49% (129 votes)

Very informative but not very fun. 20.91% (83 votes)

Boring and nothing we didn’t already know. 4.03% (16 votes)

Terrible. 1.51% (6 votes)

And of course we have a new poll to take it’s place.

The Golden Globe nominations will be announced on monday and the editor of Oscarwatch has his predictions over here. Ok, you only really care about Nat so let me save you the trouble, she’s down for supporting actress.

The NY Film critics awards and AFI’s top 10 films will also be announced on monday. The Oscar race is finally in full swing.

Spongey is doing a good job covering all the UK content. Here’s what he has for us today:
Pic from The Times
A very interesting article from the Times

Cover from the London Evening Standard Magazine
The article from inside
Plus a pic
And one of Sam

Caps from some show
And another. We’ll be added a lot more to a gallery soon.

InStyle scan looking at Nat’s…looks.

If you haven’t seen the Ellen interview yet, this article about Natalie’s scary landing will be news to you. Thanks to Tom.

Melody has been updating the galleries and now I’m here to update you about her updates…IT MAKES SENSE!
Hot Dog/Rolling Stone
The Premiere Mag set
Garden State


And finally, I got an email from Iraq today. Sadly it wasn’t from Saddam, who has stopped sending me letters (*sniff*) but rather from a soldier currently serving in Iraq. Hopefully he won’t mind me posting the letter…

Greetings from Iraq.

I am soldier with the 1st Battalion 5th Infantry currently deployed to northern Iraq. Most of the men in my unit are enormous fans of
Natalie’s. She embodies everything we have left behind and long to
return to. Every soldier needs a patron saint and ours just happens to be an angel =-)

We have created a poster with one of the images from your gallery and it hangs in our command hangar as a constant reminder to all of us that once we leave this place, the things we have once held dear will be new again. I’ve attached an image of myself (in the foreground) and one of my comrades who assisted in hanging this enormous poster.

Kudos on the site. It is probably the most professional looking and worthwhile Nat site I have managed to stumble upon. Great work.



I’m telling you, Nat is going to save the world. Just you wait and see.

Am I right, Floothe?


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