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Hi again

Right, so by now you all know I’m a moron, right? Good, then this won’t come as a surprise. I’ve been saying we were getting the BRAVO Making of Closer clip. WRONG! It’s the E! Behind the Scenes of Closer clip.

What’s really bad is I saw the whole thing yesterday and didn’t notice. Didn’t notice the name of the file “E!_Behind_The_Scenes_Closer”. Didn’t notice the show’s intro. And all the while kept wondering, this sucks compared to the Garden State Making of…why aren’t they showing any scenes being made?


Anyway, it’s still a cool clip with lots of Nat and lots of interviews and Closer footage. Thanks to Kris and Silvermark.

Mirror site link

So…heh…if anyone can send in the BRAVO MAKING OF CLOSER clip, that’d be great.

And now onto some gallery updates from Melody.


MTV Movie awards

BG premiere

Mighty Aphrodite

Flirting with Disaster

And finally, some site news.

There have been around 10 people applying for Nate’s job so I’m fairly confident the strip can continue although it’s not going to look like the old ones.

And just to let you know that next week I’m going to be putting up an editorial with your Closer reviews as well as a poll to gauge opinion.



Forgot to mention that Nat is currently in Paris to do Closer press.


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