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Hi again

Melody has just finished updating the Golden Globes gallery, which is now looking pretty damn extensive. This pic in particular is quite…ummm…nevermind.

Apparently you can see a clip of Natalie being interviewed in the press room after receiving her award over here. I can’t find it but everyone else seems to have no problem so I guess the problem is on my end, as always. Thanks to Matteo.

Kris found another fashion diss, this time from E’s Fashion Nazi’s.

But what do you guys think of her look? It’s time for a new poll!

And here are the results of Kris’ techie poll.

Should start a news service using RSS?

What’s RSS? 68.59% (214 votes)

No, I’d miss all the humor and good stuff! 20.19% (63 votes)

Yes, saves me having to load the entire site! 9.62% (30 votes)

I’ll be back tomorrow with more goodies and some fanart. Also, if you haven’t signed up to the newsletter…better hurry.


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