fandom and pocket pcs


Nicholas Tucker, the director of Fandom, wants to plug his film so buckle up cos here it comes…

“Fandom” The documentary about the fans of Natalie Portman, in the Cinequest Online Film Festival
I know what you’re thinking: ‘I can’t make it, it’s too far away, and the warden won’t give me a weekend pass…’
Well, worry no more! Thanks to the miracle of technology you can watch Fandom AT HOME, on your very own computer screen, at DVD quality! Pretty amazing, huh? I thought so too. Best of all, and this is really really cool:


Well, hurry up and get downloading! The film is up at the Cinequest Online website, and can be downloaded at:
Just register and then click on the “Viewer’s Voice Collection” or search for “Fandom” in their directory. Trust me, it’s easy!

Just register (use a fake e-mail if you’re worried about it) and you can join the tens of people who’ve seen it !


I have a feeling we already covered these interview clips but I’ve got a bad memory and none of the other staff members are online so…my apologies if it’s old news.


Garden State

Thanks to Amrita.

Eric found this new Closer promo pic. Very nice.

Roger F sent in a bunch of Pocket PC themes. I haven’t got a clue how to use them but hopefully you do. Click here to download the first 12.

The Aussie FHM site has started the poll for 100 sexiest women for 2005. Click here to vote for Nat.

Hello Magazine is doing a most attractive poll and Nat is coming last! Click here to do something about it. Thanks to Serephina.