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I’ve got a few site things to talk about and figured I might as well put them all into one post.

1) The Np.comic…as you know, Nate handed in his resignation and I asked for people to apply for his job. Unfortuantely, while there were some interesting enteries, it wasn’t what I was looking for. I’m still hoping that I’ll eventually find someone but for now, the strip is on hiatus. One thing I’m determined about is that the new strip will be as good or better than Nate’s. I don’t want to go backwards. Thanks to everyone who tried.

2) I am working on something which…well it’s not the same as the np.comic but it’s in the same ballpark. I’m not sure if it will happen but hopefully I’ll have some concrete news soon.

3) Feb 14 is valentines day. It is also our birthday…5 years since the current team took over the site. So, I’m hoping that we’ll get some valentines and birthday fanart for monday. Don’t let me down!

4) The other languages…sigh…it’s just not working. It seemed simple enough but the reality is that all the other sections struggled to keep up with the translating duties. I’ll probably keep the other language sites up (with a message in that language explaining whats happening) because it’d be a shame to waste site stuff that’s already been translated. Thanks to everyone who has helped and sorry to all french, german and spanish visitors. We tried.

5) The results of the poll are in…

Should we bring back the photoshop contest?

Yes 57.01% (358 votes)

John Kerry 30.57% (192 votes)

No 11.94% (75 votes)

There we have it. On sunday I’ll get the photoshop contest rolling again.

6) Here’s a new poll.

7) The BAFTA’s are tonight. Hopefully Nat will make an appearance and with a bit of luck she might even win an award. I’ll be back later with news of that.

Ok, I think that’s about it.


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