squeezing a lemon


It’s once again a bit quiet in Nat world. But we’re not far away from the big night.

Speaking of which, Amidoll sent in a couple blurbs speculating on the Oscar races.

Fantastic breakdown

And Entertainment Weekly’s odd’s for Natalie:

NATALIE PORTMAN in Closer 3-1.
FOR HER: The surprise GG winner, Portman gives her first truly adult performance – and it?s the type that could easily surprise at the Oscars, too.
AGAINST HER: Her film is generally hated, plus she has a big career ahead of her. And Oscar voters may keep in mind that her next role is in Star Wars. Besides, let?s face it – I?m rooting for her.. She?s over.

TJ Zygmunt sent in, what appears to be, another new Star Wars pic.

And once again, here’s a decent bunch of fanart to fill out this anorexic update.

Two more wallpapers from the prolific bENi. Click here and here.

Lyra sent in a neat sketch.

Khuffie sent in this stylish wallpaper.

Bonnie did likewise with this submission.

And finally, the Premiere pic gets another go over by Amy.

Thanks everyone.

That’s it for now. Remember there’s just another day or two until we close submissions for the photoshop contest. If you’re a bit lost, check sundays update.