new hi res pics


Since we’re a week away from the big day, I’m going to do an Oscar themed poll every day this week…well…starting tomorrow. I’ve also got some more cool fanart but again, it’ll come tomorrow.

But I do have some nice things for tonight. And here they are…

Some great HI-RES pics have been added to the following galleries.

Time Out
Covent Garden

Thanks to Melody and Nat Empire.

Wolfi sent in another lovely new Star Wars pic.

Now for something a bit different. GM mailed me about this comic strip idea he was working on. It’s quite an interesting idea so check out the first page here.

And finally, the photoshop contest has closed. I’ve sent the pics over to Kris so hopefully they’ll be up for the vote tomorrow.

We got a lot of entries so I have no problems doing another one. So once again, here are the 3 pics you can use.

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3 No Tsunami jokes please.

Just remember, HUMOUR is the key. I got a few entries last week that were more like fanart.

Seeya tomorrow.