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Hey all

Stacy found this interview with producer Joel Silver, in which he talks a bit about V for Vendetta. Here are the juicy bits…

New on ?The Matrix? Front: ?We?re doing the Path of Neo, which is the next video. There?s also The Matrix Online, which is going to come online in another couple of weeks. It?s interesting. The boys [meaning the Wachowski Brothers], I?m very involved with them now. We?re starting a picture now called ?V for Vendetta,? which starts shooting in March.?

What?s Up With ?Watchmen?: ?I lost that years ago. But ?V? I kept and Natalie Portman is starring in it and it starts shooting in Berlin on March 7th.”

The Look of ?V for Vendetta😕 ?It?s the boys. It?s their conception ? the Wachowski Brothers. And they?ve got an incredible kind of idea for the movie. They?ve written the script, which is remarkable. And James McTeigue, who is their A.D., is the director of the movie. But they?re there and they?re kind of supervising everything.”

“They?ve taken the idea of the comic but they?re wonderful writers and they?ve written it in a way that captures the concept but is a brilliantly conceived story.?

?V for Vendetta? Setting: ?It?s set in England in like 2040 but it looks kind of like 19th century England, like the comic book.?

You can read the full interview here.

I’ll be back later with more of an update.


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