New Poll + Globes Anticipation Results

Natalie came in 8th on Vogue’s Golden Globes Best Dressed list, but I want to hear what you guys thought of her red carpet look.


The Golden Globes appearance poll

As for the precursor Globes poll, over 50% of voters were going to tune into the show JUST because Natalie was attending. Impressive.

Full results are after the jump.

Will you be watching the Golden Globes on Sunday?

Yes, just to see Natalie. – 54.1% (85 votes)

Yes, I always watch them. – 19.7% (31 votes)

I’m not sure. – 10.2% (16 votes)

No, even Natalie can’t get me interested. – 10.2% (16 votes)

Yes, to see Ricky Gervais. – 5.7% (9 votes)