A little update to keep you warm tonight.

Titooy found a better quality version of the True vid from yesterday. It’s also in quicktime, which might be a better format for a lot of you.


Sonoyta found a synopsis of the book Goya’s Ghosts. Be warned, it goes into serious details.

Speaking of which, this site reckons Nat is a frontrunner for an Oscar nom next year.

M5lover found some Nat-Gael sightings on the IMDB boards.

I’ve never posted anything on Natalie’s board but I just had to mention that I saw her today at Kensinton market with Gael Garcia Bernal! I was having lunch at a Chilean restaurant and they were walking down Augusta(St.?)
I knew they dated a while back… but I thought they were over. Actually when I saw both of them I just thought they were hanging out as friends… but then I saw them again (while I was walking back to Spadina) hugging each other and holding hands. I love them together!!! He’s so handsome in person. And I do have to mention… from a female point of view- I always knew she was really pretty, but seeing her in person…. WOW!!!She’s even more beautiful. I was with my boyfriend and as much as we wanted to say hi to them… we decided not to bother them. Also we had no camera…. which sucks…. but whatever! It’s all good! Anyway, just wanted to share my hightlight of the day!


Im so excited, I just saw Nat and Gael at the restaurant on the Long Island in NYC.They were eating paellas and seemed very cozy. I thought they broke up but now I guess they must be an item again.Nat seemed so tiny and underdeveloped, I guess because she hasnt eaten meat for 16 years. Anyway Im sure they will get married, because they were cuddling in the corner!

Cuddling in the corner…apparently the number one sign of imminent marriage.

And finally, some really nice fanart.

Roger F sent in this simple wallpaper.

And Loleia sent in two very cool wallpapers. Click here and here.



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  • life_is_a_cereal says:

    Don’t believe any of the shit you read on IMDB. It’s all 100% false.

  • JenR1215 says:

    I amexcited she’s with Gael again, but the marriage stuff is a little too soon to even be mentioning.

    Last time when someone mention the whole “marriage” deal, they brok up.

    Give these two some time, lol.

  • D-DirtyFlip says:

    ugh.. gael garcia bernal…

  • life_is_a_cereal says:

    Password doesn’t work for me…. 🙁

  • life_is_a_cereal says:

    Scratch that. My stupid keyboard had the caps lock on.

  • clone says:

    I dont beleive what IMBD boards is saying about natalie with gael, cause anyone could say, oh i saw natalie with gael, but there is no proff of them having an affear or making love.

    they could just be good freinds, just like how hayden christensen is with natalie.

    she pointed out that she wants a man who doesnt do acting or anything like that.

    I hope she makes it to the oscars, cause if she does, she’ll get my vote.Oh and I met bart simpson herself in australia this week, and she says shes a big fan of natalie too.I wonder what would happen if bart meet natalie in springfeild.

  • maiscedu says:

    I just don’t think they’re going to get married. It’s obvious that he’s her big love, they were together, split up, met other people, now they’re back again… but they seem to live in different worlds… and also, Gael doesn’t look like a 28-year-old boy who’s looking foward to getting married. He doesn’t seem to be exactly a straight guy, actually… well, let the time set the things and then we’ll know.

  • v4v says:

    you saw Nancy Cartright!!! OMG she was soo funny on Rovelive….
    my friends friend is going to her show….lucky!!!!….i have yr 11 half-yearly exams on next week (shudder)

  • v4v says:

    whats the password?

  • v4v says:

    oh ignore that last comment….

  • nat ah lee says:

    ‘but there is no proff of them having an affear or making love’

    Now if they where doing that in public I think we’d have a right to be shocked by them!

  • nicole414 says:

    “but there is no proff of them having an affear or making love.”

    I demand proof!

  • viona says:

    bout the quotes : off course she’s pretty!! on and of screen…!!!

  • fanatical610 says:

    I was just on the Aq Messageboard and someone on there said “Natalie might not be good enough for Gael”. Apparently they’re losing interest in Nat (your loss mate) It made me think how silly it is to speculate on any of this and how right Nat is to keep her life private. The way some of this stuff is reported really dilutes the essence, it’s so insensitive.

  • fanatical610 says:

    I don’t know….I mean if I ever lost interest in Nat I couldn’t bad mouth her in any way…it would just be the end. I have so much appreciation for her as an actress. I believe she still needs more growth in her talent but make no mistake the talent is there and when it comes full circle it will be great.

  • bbaka says:

    I would take those sightings with a LARGE grain of salt. There have been numerous sightings and they have all been in very different places on the same day. Just putting it out there.

  • JenR1215 says:

    If Natalie says she wants a man “who doesnt do acting” Then how do you explain Lucas, Gael and Liron?

    I understand what the big deal about Gael is. He’s just another guy, everyone else is just jealous of.

    I personally like Gael. He’s a wonderful actor, and is said to be a great person. Why cant people just be happy for someone?

  • Laya says:

    i do believe both of them are really in love… but hell, talking about marriage? People are just crazy. She’s young and so is he. Let them have fun together. and maybe, MAYBE one day they decide to get married.

    still, i don’t think marriage is that important. you don’t need to sign a paper just to prove that you love the other person… but hey, that’s me thinking.

  • rafa says:

    hey Now I know what to be a real fan is, I mean now i don’t care her private life , i acept gael or liron or bugs bunny, it’s her life i just hope that the man makes her happy, that’s the important but thats personal and is her choice.

    I wish that the girl win an oscar soon for god sake, and i hope seeing a movie with nat and jim carrey that would be a dream.
    I only care her movies and work.
    imagine: natalie + gael = tiny babies.

  • Garcy says:

    Oh, for goodness sake. The negativity surrounding this little relationship is baffling. A lot of people really need to get over it.

    Here’s another sighting from PageSix.com: http://www.nypost.com/gossip/pagesix/65408.htm.
    (It’s probably fake, cuz you know, people just make shit up).

  • ·ShadaX· says:

    Wow!!…eating in a chilean Restaurant lol…sounds good

  • clone says:

    hey jenr1215, are you saying you think natalie was having an affear with george lucas, your stupid, she isn’t, there just good freinds not lovers.

    Gael isn’t the man for her, cause as she pointed out years ago, she plans to quit acting one day, and become a doctor like her good father.

    why do you think she did physics in universety? to become a doctor.

    gael and natalie are only good freinds, just like other males are to natalie in life.she might even think of becoming a single mother. some women have.

    also I forgot to mention that bart simpson said she’s going to try to get natalie in the simpsons tv seiers, or in the 2nd simpsons movie. Doh!

  • Lynda says:

    those comments can’t be true because Kensington market is in toronto so don’t belive any thing you see on imdb, its full of liars who have nothing better to do with their time.

    personally i think gael is HOT!! lol

  • dazza says:

    Clone, just going to address two of your stupid points because if I tackle any more than that my head might explode.

    1) Actors can actually date outside of their profession.
    2) She majored in PSYCHOLOGY, not physics.

  • tunis says:

    I CAN’T beLieve what an as*hole clone is! jesus!

  • maiscedu says:

    Just go check the IMDB messages now, it’s like the whole NY and Toronto saw them togheter in somewhere… lol, people are really fun…

  • just another fan says:

    I touhgt Natalie was the leading actress in Goya’s Ghosts.

  • dazza says:

    Whether someone is a lead or not is entirely dependant on what the studio submits the actor/actress for. Sometimes a clear lead will be pushed for supporting because they think they would have a better shot at winning it. With Nat playing multiple roles its even easier to push for supporting even if she is the lead.

    Just look at Closer. Julia Roberts and Jude Law were pushed for best actor and actress while Nat and Clive were pushed for supporting. But was Julia more of a lead than Nat? And Jude more than Clive? Not really.

  • LDaae says:

    Lucas Haas, not George Lucas.

    Oh my head hurts.

  • JenR1215 says:

    What the hell, “George Lucas”??!

    LUCAS HASS!! They did date you know. Think dumass :\

  • maiscedu says:

    Ah, by the way, when I said “he doesn’t seem to be exactly a straight guy” I didn’t want to mean he’s gay or something, that was my mistake, I thought in Portuguese and wrote in English… what I wanted to mean is that he doesn’t seem to be like a… “stepford husband” (didn’t find a better way to explain)…

  • MoRawk says:

    AAAh for gods sake GO read a tabloid or something ?!

  • denarion says:

    thank you Bloody Fork,
    this link is really funny!

    wow men! stop posting gossips, i definitly think it cant make richer us!
    it irritates me!
    do you take delight in this?

  • el_nota says:

    Here you can download that video: http://www.mytempdir.com/644653

  • Sak says:

    Well it seems this “little update” didn’t just kept us “warm for the night”, it set us on fire for several nights. Come on people, she is happy and that’s all that matters.