short one


Just a brief update this morning cos I’m afraid I might pass my monthly cap soon and if that happens then I won’t be able to update till sunday.

I’ve got the new comic but I sent it back to Matt to correct a couple things. Hopefully I’ll be able to put it up in a couple hours along with that poll.

Melody managed to find some info about Nat’s upcoming schedule. Here it is, in her own words…

Natalie comes to cannes for SW3 on Sunday, she should give some interview for the TF1 or France2 news, not much
Then the day after, she goes to London for more SW3 interviews and then she goes back to Austria for V for Vendetta.

Hopefully she’ll also squeeze in an appearance for Free Zone at Cannes.

Several sites are reporting that the W Bro’s are going to be directing some of V for Vendetta’s second unit shots. Click here for the full story. Thanks to JC.

AICN has a couple more early ROTS reviews. Click here for the minor spoilers one and over here for the spoiler heavy one.

Gonzalo sent in this Spanish interview. Means nothing to me but maybe the spanish speaking fans will appreciate it.

That’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll be back soon.