Hey again

I don’t want to get too behind on my inbox, what with the ROTS premiere in Cannes on sunday, so here’s some cleaning of the slate.

These next two links have been mailed to me by dozens of people so you can all stop now.

Foxtrot comic mentioning Nat


Nat’s nose job?

Now, perhaps I’m biased or I don’t have a very good eye for these things. But that looks like big time BS to me. After seeing their comparison I went into my Nat folder (the pc kind, not the creepy X-files kind) and picked a recent Nat pic (Oscars) and then clicked on an old public appearance. I’m sorry, but if she did do anything it was the biggest waste of money because any change is negligible.

IMO, the pic they’re using is just an odd angle. Her nose doesn’t normally look that thin.

But then again, what do I know?

I’m sure you all have an opinion. Fire me some emails and maybe I can throw together a new editorial.

Just earlier I posted about the True clip and now Pasha has noticed that the film’s site has updated with several new Nat pics. Lovely.

Speaking of the True clip, if you weren’t able to watch it, Amy made a couple caps. Click here and here.

JC found a poll on People’s site…let’s see if we can get Liev to win, eh?

And finally, here are a couple bald wallpapers.

Polly sent in this lovely effort.

While Barry tied in the V for Vendetta theme.

Seeya tomorrow.