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Hope your weekends are going well.

Barry just sent in some scans of a new interview from Star Wars Magazine (UK).

A must read for the Star Wars fans.



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  • nicole414 says:

    That interview is from an old Star Wars Insider. It’s from I think two Insider’s ago, so technically, it’s not new.

  • ShadowVulcan says:

    This interview isn’t new.

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    I totaly agree to what she says about Padme, and that natalie is somehow connected to padme’s life in a way for her people and her family and freinds, cause she’s shown that she has a right of heart for the people she cares and loves, and she even shows alot of respect for the world but speaking politlly to everyone.

    The way she did those parts for this film, made it much more intresting and better than how carrie fisher did her role in star wars, cause once Natalie steped into the scene to play as padme, she took the world by storm and people were hournering her for real.

  • himalia says:

    Thank you Barry and Dazza for putting the scans from the SW mag, I live in the UK and we don’t get much of Nat over here.

  • dazza says:

    Well “new” to the UK and “new” to the site…err…unless we already put it up on the site, in which case…LOOK OVER THERE!


  • Sanjiro says:

    That’s the damn article that i transcribed a few weeks ago.


  • natalieportman56 says:

    Hey can anyone put the Natalie Portman TRL video here of her because I missed it and try to put the V for Vendetta trailer here so people can see it….like me….I found a bunch of pictures of Natalie Portman and a guy in the mall……..I’ll give you the site soon

    and the person who said there the real natalie is such a fake Natalie……..why would Natalie even have a user here?

    what a fake Natalie.

  • nat_look_a_like says:

    I love the pics but the one of her funeral.Oh!. You guys are gonna make mr cry. I did pour tears during revenge by the way!!!

  • skywalker says:

    its a real drama star wars 3 but in 2 its so beautiful ,i realy dont know how hayden hold .the funeral oh my lord y cry end Y AM BOY i like very much padme amidala end dazza what was her age when he play in star wars 2

  • Fattighjonsson says:

    where do you people get all this stuff?

  • xxxcinderella says:

    FINALLY! Someone asks her about Hayden. Sheesh. Been waiting for that.

  • natfan101 says:

    The article is great!!! It was cool to see how Natalie views her character Padme. And her modesty about playing a very important part in Star Wars is very refreshing.