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I was gonna update tonight but things came up and Sanji doesn’t seem to be around so there will be a big update sometime tomorrow.


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  • Ana says:

    I read in some spanish magazines that Natalie is dating one independent film maker,i dont remember his name,if some one know’s his name or have pictures of him please let me know,hes hot…

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    that is nothing but a reports made up story, cause remember hwen they said that natalie and hayden were dating and making love, well we found out it was only an act scene and not for realaty so she could be practicing for a film or just seen next to a director who is talking about a love scene with her of his film.

    Also new pictures are seen of Natalie’s padme figure on in the photo page where all the toys are being shown, and I saw a poster of natalie balled on a greek comedy tv show and it was aired on Antena on foxtell in australia and it happened to be in a woman’s club office. I think its a makeup company.

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    one thing about natalie, she is perfect for nearly all the parts in all the movies we’ve loved to see, cause I think she’s a better actress to play lara croft, and other female characotrs played by other actresses.

    I just read that someone laughed at the death scene of padme in ROTS, and I think that person was disracfully and mean and terrible, and I just wish I knew who it was so that someone would punish him for laughing at natalie.

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    I think we need new banners to be made, these ones are old and making the sight not look new.

  • S3Project says:

    Jeeze. Chill out. People can laugh at Portman if they want, I’m sure she isn’t half as offended as you are.

  • skywalker says:

    natalie its very good to be actrice.shes very diferent ,in contrast with another actrices ,im very nervous ,because lindsay lohan win the popcorn end natalie no. what a like to hear its he have real friends end celebradets.its funy y wait star wars 3.two years end now im sorry ,because the time run ,end the future what movie we see