just because you like to destroy


MVP Sanjiro will be making a full update tomorrow. But to tide you over till then, the last poll results.

Would you like to see Nat in a music video?

Only if its a band/singer I like. 38.36% (476 votes)

As long as its not a “ho’s dancing around” kinda vid. 29.9% (371 votes)

No. 22.48% (279 votes)

As long as its a “ho’s dancing around” kinda vid. 8.7% (108 votes)

Personally, I would love to see her in a music video for one of the arty bands I like.

There are two small but very clear versions of the new Vogue pics on their site. Thanks to JC.

And that’s what the new poll is about.

So look out for Sanji tomorrow, and a new comic is a day or two away…will it be nice and cuddly or a prickly little bastard? You’ll see soon.