Nat is stalking Beckham


So, I was just watching the Real Madrid – Valencia football/soccer game as I was working on the PC. I heard the commentator say “isn’t that an actress” and looked over to see…NAT! Then the one commentator tried to remember the name of The Professional. The mohawk is gone and she was looking incredibly cute. Hopefully someone will be able to find some pics. At the very least I can see when the match is replayed and snap a pic with my camera.

I wonder if this is Nat’s first match. If so she must think it’s the craziest sport in the world cos the ref utterly insane.

The Real Madrid site has a report of Nat meeting the club’s president and there’s a pic to go with it. She even got her own jersey. Haha.

Thanks to Miriam.

In other news, Mart is catching up on articles and we’ve finally added:

NY Daily News

I’m not even gonna say goodbye cos I’ll probably be back later.