take 2

Lights. Camera. Action.

Let’s start the update with some wonderful news.

Should Aussieguy be banned from the comments section of the site?

Don’t care 54.26% (350 votes)

Yes 37.05% (239 votes)

No 7.75% (50 votes)

Ding Dong the witch is dead.

I wanted a halloween themed poll so…CLICK.

There’s not a lot of news today but lets see what we have…

Donna found some lovely big hi res pics from Nat’s last TRL appearance.

Five (just about the best pic ever)

Sergio and Constanza found a new/old pic of Nat with Al Roker.

JC found a little Nat mention in this article.

Actress Natalie Portman is quite critical of the affluent Jewish community in which she grew up in Long Island.

If you head over here you can stand a chance to win a copy of the ROTS DVD. Thanks to Arsi.

I’m used to seeing scary things on Halloween but this takes the cake. Thanks to Orionsaint.

Speaking of Halloween, this site has a scarified (if thats not a word it should be) pic of Nat on the front page. Thanks to Mike.

And finally, the fanart.

Jonathan sent in a cool Nat sketch.

While Jason sketched one of those new Blender pics.

Sak sent in a sweet Marty wallpaper. Pity about the extra “l”.

Mike made another film inspired Nat wallpaper.

Lanie photoshopped a couple Padme pics. Click here and here.

Patricia sent in a banner featuring another of the cool Blender pics.

And finally, some more submissions from Shassy.