True in 2007

Righto, let’s go.

Still quiet on the news front but Shassy found this lovely SW pic that is new to me.

I know there are a lot of you that are gagging for some True/Paris Je’Taime news and today we have some, courtesy of Tom Tykwer’s site.

No further distribution of TRUE
TRUE is one part of a twenty-part feature film called PARIS, JE T’AIME which is produced by Victoires Productions (France). Therefor it must not be distributed seperately by X-Filme within the next years.

This is why there will be no release of TRUE on vhs or dvd for the time being.
Also, TRUE must not be distributed for either pulic or non-public theatrical performances.

The theatrical release of PARIS, JE T’AIME is scheduled for early 2007, the film will include an abridged version of TRUE. Whether a dvd or vhs of TRUE in its original length of 11 minutes will be released in 2008 has yet to be confirmed.

Early 2007…sheesh. Thanks to Herzwerk for the news.

This isn’t really Nat news but might interest some. They are putting together a theatre production of Closer in France. The article (in french) is here. Thanks to Hiam.

Roger F sent me an email stating that he thinks Nat is wearing contacts in this pic. What do you all think? Discuss in the comments section!

And now for a generous amount of fanart.

Let’s kick things off with a wallpaper from our very own Matt. We should also finally have a new comic by the end of the weekend.

Sak put his BG wallpaper through spell check and here is the corrected version.

Shassy sent in some calendar wallpapers. I’m going to post 3 in every update and here is the first batch.


Mat sent in a nice Garden State wallpaper.

And finally, Gert sent in a couple wallpapers. Click here and here.

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