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By November 7, 2005Site-news

This is definitely inspired by the lack of Nat news we had before that weekend where she was at the football and the Blender and Vogue stuff hit, and the lack of news since then.

Go Vote!

And here are the results from the Halloween poll.

What do you think Nat dressed up for Halloween as?

An Angel 33.33% (414 votes)

Domino Harvey 18.68% (232 votes)

Sanjiro 18.28% (227 votes)

Padme 14.81% (184 votes)

The Hulk 14.09% (175 votes)


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  • rick_says says:

    What up?
    What was I?
    Who cares?
    You do, that’s who.
    I coulda been Cap’n Typho, but he owes me for shipping charges we wont discuss here, but he really is a space pirate, but I digress.
    AT first I was going to be a Chewbacca Pez in honor of Pete gettin’ american citizenship and he smokes like me as a wierd solidarity, but after Serenity came out I found that I could not be anything but myself.
    I drank alone watching “Anywhere but here” for the first time and tryin’ hard not to feel guilty about it.
    I found a hat (at a quicky-mart) that reminded me of the Character “Daniel” from Star-Gate and taunted the producers of the show for not returning my calls after trying to shakle me to crappy second rate T.V. Sci-Fi. I have a very co-dependant relationship with that show and they owe me a check.
    That is the day I realized Susan might want my head on a pike or possably want to get me abducted to hollywood.
    Then I finally went to sleep like a kid waitin’ for his last christmas ever.
    ~Rick Jones, poet, slave, hypnotisim expert, avatar.

  • buzzkiller says:

    Robots for the win.

    And the ‘one year closer to the grave’ comment in the last update was hilarious.

  • guinevere_naberrie says:

    I believe in this Nat News drought, you should… bring back the photoshop contest!

  • henrik says:

    1.according to the very good poll *wink*wink*:
    yeah…it’s kind of boooring and frustrating these days.
    2.even “articles or blogs just mentioning natalie or comparing her to someone or dropping a comment about her” become news.that’s just biz stuff.

    3.being in the biz,you know,can be a hard time when mags create dumb stuff to have news about you.

    so forget the third sentence but please mind the second!;)
    dazza,i may have written sth harsh,but i just wanted to remind thank you.note that i’ll update my blog with your answer and spread it around the world.i’ll tell everyone about you.HAHAHAHAHAHA!
    just kidding.
    so good writing!
    shazaam,i’m out.greetz

    p.s.:watch grey’s anatomy!it’s GREAT.i mean,katherine heigl and ellen pompeo…*sigh

  • dittygrain says:

    Dazza, I just want to tell you that there is this creepy nat stalker named manhobravo alberto that is leaving a million weird messages in the comment section of the comic strip where stick figured Nat and Charlie go to the moon. I’m saying this because I’m not sure whether leaving that many comments could screw up your computer or something.

  • omgzrachel says:

    OMG. I forgot about the photoshop contests. You guys should totally bring those back! 😀

  • dazza says:

    Ditty, he was banned from this comments section. I’ll have to go do some spring cleaning over on the comics.

    The photoshop contest is something I’ll probably bring back after the public pic poll.