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This new poll is a bit of an odd one. I was going to do another rating poll for the next film in Natalie’s filmography, but I’ve hit a bit of a confusing situation.

Darjeeling Limited. Hotel Chevalier.

Darjeeling is a feature film that Nat is hardly in. Chevalier is the prequel short film that Nat is on screen for most of its length.

Should we rate each separately? Should we rate them as one? Should we just rate Chevalier, since we didn’t rate Zoolander?

You tell me in this new poll

As for the Hesher poll, half of you think it will get a thumbs up but not quite a coronation. Full results after the jump.

How do you think Hesher will be received at Sundance?

It will get mostly good reviews. – 50% (49 votes)

It will be the toast of the town. – 16.33% (16 votes)

It will get very mixed reviews. – 15.31% (15 votes)

Who knows? Who cares? – 12.24% (12 votes)

It will be the joke of the festival. – 3.06% (3 votes)


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