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Apparently Bruno Press has more pics from Nat’s latest London visit but you need a login. *cough cough* *nudge nudge* *wink wink* *grope grope*

Sadly that’s all I’ve got for today. Maybe the weekend will be kind to us and we’ll get some juicy news.

But here’s a bunch of fanart to ease the pain.

Mat sent in this nice wallpaper.

Fanatik sent in a bunch of really nice wallpapers. I think I’ll post half of them now and the rest next time.


Shassy sent in another wallpaper. And here are the next 3 of her calendar wallpapers.




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  • PadmefreakSWrox says:

    Freaky but some what cool I guess *lol* Ugh…what do you guys mostly talk about on here?? Does Natalie actually make these entries?? Who has seen Star Wars Episode 3?? It’s so cool! I watch every night for three reasons– 1.I love Padme she is so cool! 2. Anakin is hot (before he gets burned)! 3.The action

  • dazza says:

    You forgot 4. The rad effects.

  • kelvin says:

    you do understand it’s november, right?

    july, august and september have past…


  • greektrooper says:

    cool calander, but I do wish there was a november and a christmas december one as well.

    I also found out that there will be a 12inch doll of natalie again for 2006.

    it’s revealed on

  • skywalker says:

    nice calendar,end nice pics sanjiro ym’soory star wars 3 its a drama see anakin fight with his frien obi wan its ……..i dont know end at end padme deth horible

  • Salda says:

    OMG, this is the greatest, best update of your site ever! Namely wallpapers from Fanatik are gorgeous and incredible! I love this site 🙂

  • Salda says:

    Oh, I’ve forgoten. I wanted ask you:

    BTW: I hope that your answer will be YES 😀

  • dazza says:

    Kelvin, yup, but I didn’t make the thing.

    Salda, I don’t know.

  • PadmefreakSWrox says:

    “Rad effects”?? :-/ Whats that?? Oh and thnks for answering my question Salda. I’m not used to talking on these things so forgive me if I say something lame or stupid. *lol*

  • wicked says:

    Please Help!
    I came across a picture in this site where Natalie looked most beautiful. I believe it was by the random picture feature to the right.
    It wasn’t quite her usual beauty.

    Things I’m sure of: She had long hair, and her face looked pretty Hawaiian.

    Things I’m not sure of: It wasn’t a frontal view of her face but also not her profile. 45 degrees angle?. She wore a dress.

    I looked through many of her photo shoots; if someone knows what I mean and can easily find it or give me clues – Thank You!

    And, English is not my native language so be kind.

  • dazza says:

    Next time you see the pic, click it and it’ll take you to the gallery it comes from.

  • PadmefreakSWrox says:

    Thanks for helping me silver_eyes_girl that really helps a lot so…whats the new pictures and stuff?

  • Barry says:


    In regards to Wicked’s question about the “Hawaiian Nat” pic, it may well have been from her Elle December 2004 photoshoot:

    Hope that helps.

    The fan art is great!!

    Nice designs! 😀

  • flash_smb says:

    Nice pics ‘n’ wallpapers.

  • nataliefan says:

    With the consent of administrators, I would like to briefly address the philosophical nature of this site.
    Natalie Portman is a talented actress who deserves commendation for her stellar performances, past and recent.
    However, a clear distinction must be razed between laudation of her work, and infatuation, even idoltry of her.
    She has forewarned of the blurring of this distinction in many interviews, and explicitly stated that she wants to be assessed solely on the basis of her work. Her fan-base should be comprised of admirers of her work, and her work solely. One cannot intermingle her private life with her professional work because commendation thereby transmutates into infatuation. As well, we cannot infer into her true identity through the roles she reprises on-screen.
    Fans should reassess the true reason for their admiration, and the admins should question the true motive of this website thenceforth.

  • PadmefreakSWrox says:

    Ok and thanks so much for helping me guys! <3

  • dazza says:

    Nataliefan, you raise a good point, one that isn’t foreign to our way of thinking. But I think it’s impossible to have a CLEAR distinction. We try to walk the line between being fans of Natalie (not just her work) while maintaining a strong footing in reality.

    But everyone has their own ideas of where the lines begin and end.

  • nataliefan says:

    Don’t get me wrong guys, I think this site is an excellent medium for bringing together all of Natalie’s fans (that is the reason why I am a member of this forum). But maybe we should engage in a bit of introspection as to whether we are fond of Natalie herself, or just her work. We cannot attempt to understand Natalie as a person through the few movies and public appearances she makes each year. Therefore it would make no sense to admire anything but her work. Thus, what she does off-screen (private life) should bear no relevance to her true fans as it is unlinked to her acting.
    I understand this is an extremely controversial subject, however I am open to argument from both sides. Dazza, this would make an excellent editorial topic.

  • Sak says:


    It is also obvious from her interviews that apart from trying to
    be a good actress, she is trying to a be a good person, having
    principles and trying to stick to them, working hard for what
    she believes in, e.t.c.
    As far as i can tell she has managed to achive both.
    So i believe there is solid reason to admire her, beyond her work.

  • dazza says:

    I’m with Sak on this one. There are many things to admire beyond her work. We can admire what we see of her personality without thinking that we know her on a personal level.

    If it’s not relevant to you and whatever your fandom entails, that’s fine as well. Certainly better than the other extreme, the fan who thinks they know her on a personal level.

  • preterNATural says:

    There isn’t anything wrong with praising or drawing inspiration from a public person’s image so long as you understand it is just that: an image.

    NP uses her celebrity admirably in non-work related activities such as promoting FINCA, political participation and education. IMHO, she is one of the few entertainers in the world who is worthy of the rare privileges that fame affords.

    So I disagree with Nataliefan that “it would make no sense to admire anything but her work.” I do agree that an editorial may be in order, tho.