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By November 27, 2005Site-news


Hope those of you across the pond had a great thanksgiving and all that jazz.

Just a little update before Sanjiro hopefully blows our collective minds with an update and pyrotechnic’s display.

The Pic Battle has been updated. Click here for the new match ups. Click here for the results of the last batch. And click here for the pic you bastards voted out, which I’ll never forgive you for.

Charlotte sent in a great Hi Res pic from SW.

And now for some fanart.

Remember the second last NP.comic? The one with Nate Nat arriving to take revenge on us kicking her into space? Well in the comments section for that strip someone expressed their interest in having a wallpaper made of one of the panels. Well a guy called Mick took it upon himself to make that particular dream come true. I salute you.

Good friend of the site, Sak, sent in a pretty sweet wallpaper.

And lastly, Josie sent in a Nat sketch.



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  • Sak says:

    Thanks for the complement. I love you too guys & gals.

  • Nick says:

    you are sooo right dazza. I don’t understand either why they voted this picture out.

  • rafa says:

    well, last week i said: a thanksgiving without turkey is not the same but a monday without sanjiro’s corner, that’s not fair.

    mmm but the update was no bad. actually that part of the np comic is awesome and the hi res WS save the day. ooh almost forgot and dazza calling us bastards that’s priceless.

    see ya.

  • Miguel says:

    Okay, I know it is not so important, but… I guess any vasco -from Basco country or Euskadi in their own languaje- would complain if seing that his “country” is just part of the north of Spain… something that you, guys, didn’t have to know, but was like calling an irish “british”.

    More to the point, I haven’t saw the ROTS… whatever thing at the top. SW worths, at least to see her.

  • jesslv74 says:

    Wow! I can’t believe that one got voted out!

  • mary helen says:

    Great sketch, Josie!