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I’ve got lots of little things that have been accumulating so I might as well just get them all out the way in one update. This update!

Gawker has the best advert Fontana’s could ever get. In the celeb sightings column, it mentions that Natalie was seen playing pool there a few days ago. Thanks to Paul.

Dana found a little Nat tidbit in The Wedding Crashers…

The extended version of “The Wedding Crashers” on DVD has a very small mention of Natalie. To be very succint, she’s used as an exmaple of interconnectedness between all people according to Shopenhauer. In other words, fodder used in order to get into a chick’s pants. Food for thought.

Nice to see Nat’s name used for such a worthy cause.

Marie has another little tidbit.

i was watching the E! channel and right now they have a new series called 101 sexiest celebrity bodies and right when i turned it on, they had natalie portman as #79. just wanted to let u noe so if u wanted to u could put it up on the site. 😛

Speaking about Nat’s body, this leads nicely into some animated gif’s from Closer that Chrash sent in. Perfect for avatars. These can all be considered PG-13 so be warned…

Putting away the goods
Spread ’em

I got a ton of emails about this and you can see why. It’s quite addictive (for a few minutes anyway) and more than a little bit pervy.

Sithslayer sent in this very nice wallpaper.

While Barry took advantage of the new V promo pics with this and this.

And finally, Joe made a forum signature of the V banner from last week.



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  • rafa says:

    thanks for sharing that with us.


  • Chaddyboy says:

    i got a little probablo here. i dont know how to get gifs to work as msn avatars. if anyone can comment with some help it would be much appreciated.

  • math_grenades says:

    Nice work on that forum sig, nice to see the banner be put to use =D

  • mey tha says:

    more info bout Natalie please…thanks

  • nprocks23 says:

    Umm could someone post when Nat. will be on T.V, so Ill know!!!
    Ohh and thanks Dazza for the info on her. post more!

  • buzzkiller says:

    Heh, yes, I started doing the paper doll thing…suddenly I became frantic that her top wasn’t matching her skirt!

  • mary helen says:

    Ummm…don’t really know what to say about the animated stuff, but whatever. If you ask me, it belittles Nat, making her out to be an object. So sad:(

  • Alana says:

    that paperdoll Nat is addictive! It’s so cute. Great wallpapers Sithslayer.

  • jane jones says:

    if someone can please help me that closer avatars arent working for me either. it says that the legnth and width of the image has to be more than 64 pixels or less than 15 pixels. i have no idea what that means. It would be awesome to have it as my icon!

  • Dazza says:

    Jane, that just means that the board you want to use the avatar for has a rule where pics have to be below a certain size. These Closer gifs are obviously a bit too big.

  • jane jones says:

    thanks for the help dazza!