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Just a couple things tonight.

The pic battle has been updated with some really tough matchups.

The playoff tree has also been updated so you can see which pics lost out in the last round. I’m amazed that this pic beat this pic. I thought the one that lost was better but in a way I’m glad a more casual less flashy pic won.

Also, I know I’ve been a big fan of the MTV awards series of pics but even I had to vote for this pic over this MTV one. I can see why it lost but it didn’t even get 30% of the votes?!?! In my opinion, its one of the all time perfect Nat headshots. Maybe cos it was when she was younger…

Anyway, it’s all very interesting stuff and it’s going to get even more so as we progress.

And here are a couple items about Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.

– M5lover found confirmation that the film will shoot in Toronto.

– And Amo found a mention of the film on this blog.

Then today I auditioned for a movie to play another accountant. This character really is an accountant and doesn’t kill anyone. In fact, at the end of the movie, he kisses Natalie Portman. Oh, wouldn’t you like to see that, Voucher Anklets? Me too. But don’t hold your breath.

The movie is called “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” and it is a children’s film about a magical toy shop. Dustin Hoffman plays Mr. Magorium and Natalie Portman plays a sad young woman who works there. The role of the frazzled accountant who Mr. Magorium hires who at first resists but ultimately gives in to the magic of the place will be played by someone other than me.



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  • preterNATural says:

    The U.S. Open pic is probably my favorite picture from the public appearances gallery. The bright colors juxtaposed with the demure smile, very little makeup, casual hair, tank top. An impromptu shot that captures her natural beauty. Awesome.

    IMHO, the best MTV awards pic didn’t make the contest:

  • Bloody Fork says:

    These battles are getting harder. The green shirt one is better but both are good.

  • Sak says:

    For me, on the other had, it’s nice that the casual pic won.
    I always felt that a girl with such natural beauty doesn’t need
    any kind of make up or eyeliner, to promote her face.
    In fact i feel that all these “addons” spoil and degrade
    her beauty, with very few exceptions, like the MTV pic mentioned.
    In my opinion, she always looks great in casual appearance.

  • viona says:

    so she really in toronto now? that is hayden’s hometown. luv to see them again.

  • Brian says:

    Yes, go GreenGirl pic. 😉 I hope it wins, cuz it’s the best.

    I just checked out the playoff tree and I can’t believe that this watermarked piece o’ crap:

    actually beat this absolute gem:

    This proves that most humans are morons. It’s not a perfect pic, cuz of the fact there’s a girl behind her (get outta the shot, ya ho!), but so what, it’s still great. It captures a genuine smile on her perfect face in a comfortable setting. I woulda had that beautiful headshot going all the way to the finals before losing to GreenGirl. So it’s a good thing I didn’t enter that NatPublicPic office pool, cuz my brackets woulda been busted already.

  • Dazza says:

    I sorta agree Brian. I think that other pic shoulda won but I don’t think it’s one of the top few pics. Also don’t think the US open pic is either.

    I’m also dismayed that this pic lost:

    If she had hair it woulda been one of the favourites. Sigh.

  • Brian says:

    Yup, that’s a great one, but you knew any bald Natpics wouldn’t make it too far. It lasted a few rounds. I think that’s why the GreenGirl pic has a real chance, cuz it can appeal to different voters: it has the adorability factor going for it, it has nice bright color to it for those voting on photogenics, and it has sex appeal without overtly trying, so it shouldn’t have any backlash from the non-sex-appeal voters.

    I forgot about how awesome the two laughing pics are, cuz they got knocked out in the second round:

    Those woulda been my other number one seeds destined to make the final four, only to get knocked out by Coppin State or Middle Tennessee We Hardly Have A Student Body State or whatever.

  • teddy181 says:

    OK just want to know what Nat is doing lately…Where is she at? Is she filming anything? I kind of miss the information…

    Have a genuine weekend!

  • dazza says:

    Nat is currently reading a book and making toast.

  • teddy181 says:


  • MoRawk says:

    EY !?

    I had a revelation, it seems as if you people voting in the “pic battle” put to much weight in to Natalies clothing rather than the more important posture and carisma of Natalie herself !

    Take a night or to to think about this certain revelation before you cast your contribution to the “Pic BATTLe” !

    Peace Out !

  • MoRawk says:

    and yes, ofcourse i mean “two” nights to think about it,,,

  • ethereal says:

    Anyone know when filming begins for Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium? Such a mouthful!

  • Salda says:

    Damn man, that pic battle was vary difficult! All of those pics are amazing. I won’t take pleasure of next pic battle (I hope I’ve written this rightly in English) it will be so hard!
    to preterNATural: Yeah, this picture is lovely, but it’s right that each and everyone pic of Nat is gorgeous 🙂

  • Dazza says:

    I think Mr Mag starts shooting around March.