wes and nat and omar and immaculata but not me

Hey again

Unfortunately Mart’s busy resizing and uploading those Free Zone pics. And since it’s 200mb worth of pics, its taking awhile. So I think I’ll just update with a couple things tonight and then tomorrow I’ll be back with a bunch of stuff including those pics and a new poll.

Oh, and I’ve read the Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium script so I’m gonna write up a little editorial about that as well.

A few weeks back I mentioned a rumour about Nat possibly doing a short film with director Wes Anderson. And then we all creamed our pants cos that would be incredible. Well over on this board there was a little sighting, which, if true, could indicate that there is some truth to the rumour. Thanks to DancingElleCat.

A friend and I went to Paris last week and during the weekend we (are pretty sure) saw Natalie Portman. Buzz cut, jeans, blue coat, holding hands with what my friend sworn was the director Wes Anderson, he had a tweed coat and sunglasses, long hair. natalieportman.com reported there were rumours of them working together on the Paris J’taime shorts…so that was need to (supposedly) see her. 98% sure it was her.

But just to clarify, the short wasn’t going to be one of the Paris Je T’aime films.

And as for the hand holding…uh…hmmm…

The other thing I wanted to mention tonight is the addition (officially) of two new staff members.

You can read all about Omar (I have a feeling this might make the news ticker) and Immaculata over here. They’re both doing a great job so far but I’m sure they’ll be bitter slackers like the rest of the staff soon enough.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a king’s ransom of stuff. Till then…