Mathilda, Portmania, Redesign


Today’s update is focused on the site. As mentioned, we’re going to be redesigning the layout of the site. At the moment we’re still trying to nail down a “look” that is practical and stylish. Brishen has been putting together mock ups to get feedback and I just posted the 3rd and 4th mock ups in the forum thread here.

One of the things I desperately want to change is the logo/font. I’d like to open that aspect up for you guys to have a crack at it. If I receive several good designs I’ll put it up to the vote for you all to decide what the new logo and font should look like. You can mail them to me or post them in the above forum thread.

One last thing on the makeover, I REALLY need some adsense help. If you have a website and have good experience and success with google adsense then please drop me a line. At this point I would even be willing to pay for help.

Next up is a reminder that Portmania is almost upon us. For those of you who are new, its a week long celebration of all things Natalie, by the mad genius that is Sanjiro. This year it will run from June 2nd and will end on the 9th, which is her birthday. I am really hoping that those of you will some graphical skills will contribute, in a big way, with Portmania or Happy Birthday fanart.

Finally, the first chapter of our serious comic, Mathilda, was released a week and a half ago. The feedback was very positive so we’re definitely going to be bringing you a Chapter 2. Some of you might have missed it in the Cannes flood so click the image below to check out that update.