Dave Poland loses his mind over V

By January 11, 2006Site-news

He’s one of my favourite critics (if you can call him that) and his “review” of V couldn’t be more enthusiastic. It’s my favourite one so far and I now could not be more excited to see this film.

“Portman is pretty perfect in this film. She is beautiful indeed, but it is in her eyes that we see her true power as an actress. She never gets a laugh, a break. This is a hard journey. But you believe she could survive, as Evey must.”


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  • Sak says:

    Looks like V is going to be the next milestone in her acting career. There is practically a very positive response out of every person who saw the movie. And most of these guys do not sound very forgiving when they don’t like a film.

  • Jeroen says:


  • minimaggit says:

    It’s getting better and better. I’m still fearing that WB will have it recut. Someone who has the idea if that is likely to happen? Maybe the Wachovskis is too powerful to mess with?

  • Avion says:

    Hope there will be no “V Reloaded”.

  • MoRawk says:

    yadda yadda yadda bla bla bla cant we just wait for the freakin movie in silence instead..

  • tito says:

    I dunno… V for Vendetta DOES leave a very, very open ending…

  • fragfeatures says:

    it sounds great but i`m still dubious about why it was pushed back to march, how do you celebrate the 400th anniversary by moving the release back to march some 5 months later.

  • Dazza says:

    Well they said that they wouldn’t be able to finish it for November. But maybe there are other reasons like how cramped the marketplace is in November or they wanted more space between the film and the bombings in London.

  • ambar says:

    Natalie Portman is very beautiful and I think that she is a GREAT actor.

  • nixonmustang says:

    In her eyes… I saw a… film… where Mary (mother of Jesus) had brown eyes, dark hair. Anyone we know like that? Mary, a descendant of King David, King Josiah (the Redeemer of the Torah). Natalie, what’s your bloodline?

    Free Bible lesson: What’s the catch between the prophet whom lied to the Man of God story and King Josiah?

    The Man of God trusted man and believed the prophet’s story that an Angel appeared to him which overruled God’s direct instruction to not go.

    King Josiah did not trust Pharoh Neco that he was passing through Israel on a mission from God and went to war with him and died when God never told him to oppose him.

    You’re welcome. Glory be to God.