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Here’s the second round of Golden Globes content.

Melody has updated the GG gallery with a bunch of new pics.

Bryan sent in a red carpet interview between Nat and Isaac. He asks about the dress and if Nat has a boyfriend and, somehow, condoms even get a mention. So check it out here. Thanks to Kris for reducing the filesize from 120 mb to 30.

And here’s another clip, this time of Nat being ushered to her car while people (seemingly) shout abuse. Thanks to Andrea, Miriam and Mart.

And finally, a couple write ups on Nat’s look.

Inevitably, there are real disappointments for the fashion houses. Olivier Theyskens, the designer at Rochas, made two dresses for Natalie Portman based on his widely praised spring collection. One was in Giverny blue, another in pale green, and there was a fitting in Paris, said Nicolas Frontiere, his publicist. Some time over the weekend, however, Mr. Frontiere learned that Ms. Portman decided to wear something else. “I’ve been told the dresses were not quite perfect for her,” Mr. Frontiere said, sounding disappointed. “We did our best. Anyway, that’s life.”

Ms. Portman, whose hair was Jean Seberg short, looked lovely in a black Chanel dress from the 1950’s. “We love Rochas – Natalie loves Rochas,” said her stylist, Kate Young, “but the Chanel is exactly what she wanted to wear tonight.” It seemed to be an evening for vintage. Reese Witherspoon had on silvery vintage Chanel, while Kate Beckinsale wore a dress from the Dior archives. They were, in a way, risking no complaints.


Natalie Portman ? With her close-cropped pixie cut and 1950s vintage Chanel couture gown, Natalie was a refreshingly modern incarnation of Audrey Hepburn in the Sabrina era.

The Winner: Portman. She embodies the new wave of classic Hollywood.


Thanks to Play3r and Quinn.

That’s it for now. Should be back with more tomorrow.


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  • Fattighjonsson says:

    Hom many TB natalie pics are on this server?

  • Fattighjonsson says:


  • Orange says:

    the other clip doesnt work

  • preterNATural says:

    Those paparazzi are a tough crowd! “You suck!” – I guess they all know what she thinks of their careers… 🙂

    Thanks for the E! interview recording, Bryan. You weren’t able to get the ceremony itself? Oh, well.

  • Jeroen says:

    Great to hear her laugh again 🙂

  • mckjay13 says:

    im a little mad because i wish the video clip of isssac and nat could be formatted to play in window media player

  • math_grenades says:

    mckjay, it’s an avi. not rocket science to get it to play, there’s plenty of free media players. use google.

  • dazza says:

    It does play in windows media player. Just make sure your codecs are up to date.

  • Nimbuschick says:

    That’s weird, the voice going “noooo” or boo or whatever also screamed “Hooray!” Maybe they were booing her for not posing or answering questions.

  • dittygrain says:

    Grrr. Hate that paparazzi. They are really pathetic. I could make out something in that video about little boy and peter pan. I guess the morons never thought that people sometimes alter their appearences to fit movie rolls. They’ll eat their words when a bald Evey kicks some in V for Vendetta with her awesome acting.

  • tito says:


    She’s … perfect :/

    It’s kind of weird. When I heard the rumor about her being on SNL, I thought it was weird because usually it’s for people who want to do plugs in their monologues, like “Thank you! Thank you! blah blah blah as you know I have that movie coming out this month…” but I never really thought of her as much of a plug girl. Meh, guess she is. I’ll watch any movie Natalie Portman tells me to watch 🙂

  • exo says:

    the video is not working.

  • ethereal says:

    V for Vendetta is set to premiere at the Berlin Film Festival this weekend. It’s expected to not only Natalie’s break through performance but the movie of the year.

    Natalie was on ET and Access Hollywood last night. They were saying how both Reese and Natalie were copying Kirsten by their dress choices at the Globes. Kirsten wore a similar dress to Natalie’s Chanel couture gown in Spider Man II except Kirsten’s was only a re-make and not the original thing like Natalie’s.

  • Sak says:

    Very funny Isaac, very funny. You ‘ve made her feel uncomfortable in front of the entire world with such an ingenious comment. Bravo.

  • nprocks23 says:

    I see Nat’s hair is growing back out

  • flash_smb says:

    “Is that Peter Pan?”

    HAHAHA gotta admit, that was good

  • dittygrain says:

    To Sak,
    Considering the questions he asked other celebs, Isaac was pretty nice to Nat. For example, he asked Eva Longoria if she shaved in “that place”. It’s beyond me how this guy gets on the red carpet. 🙂

  • JcK says:

    Her laugh just makes me melt man!

  • mary helen says:

    Couldn’t get the first video to work, but oh well. I saw the Golden Globes, and Nat looked, well, PERFECT! Yeah, I love her.

  • exo says:

    hey dazza.
    can you type up the interview so we can at least read it if we can’t watch it?

  • Dazza says:

    The only interesting stuff was Isaac asking if she had a boyfriend – she said she wouldn’t talk about that on camera but would tell him off camera. And when Nat says she didn’t bring a purse, Isaac asks her something like “what if you have to make a call or need a condom”. And then Nat laughs.

  • JcK says:

    Did I already mention that laugh makes me melt?
    Don’t see what the fuss is about concercing the comdom question. Big effing deal!