new pics, new poll, new review


This update has a bit of everything. Except socks. This update has everything but socks.

The pic battle has been updated and we’re now down to the FINAL 16. That second matchup had me sooooo torn. And at the time of writing this, the pics are tied at 43 votes a piece. Great stuff.

Chloie found a new set of pics of Nat from yesterday. Click here for the gallery.

There’s another V review over here. The review is positive (gee, what a surprise) but it really is an awful review. I wonder if all this positive buzz is going to result in a backlash or disappointment in March…

Thanks to Lurking and Amidoll.

Speaking of V, it’s world premiere will be this weekend at the Berlin Film Festival. It’s running out of competition but expect a few more reviews in the coming days. Thanks to MarieMJS.

Sonoyta found a little preview of Nat’s other big film this year, Goya’s Ghosts. They seem to think we might get it as early as summer? Hmmm, strange time for an Oscar level film to be released.

A cute little blurb here about Charlize rubbing Nat’s head and why her hair is taking so long to grow back. Thanks to Steve.

There’s a bit of a “scandal” regarding the dress Natalie wore to the Globes. You can read about it here. Thanks to Liwen and Oresia.

And that’s it.

PS – I can’t stop playing this song.