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Lets begin with another report from The Public Sings.

I was also at the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Public Theater last night.
First-Natalie looked absolutely gorgeous!
Second-while she might not have the strongest singing voice, her solo number, (“Frank Mills” from Hair), suited her perfectly. The song was/is a cute spoken word/song kind of number. The Duet with Zach Braff was “Initials” also from Hair….

LBJ took the IRT,
Down to 4th Street USA
When he got there
What did he see?
The youth of America on LSD

(What is Nat’s take on recreational drug use??)

P.S. The biggest surprise of the evening for me was Meryl Streep, who not only had an incredible voice, but was hilarious, (and very out of character), singing “Sodomy” from Hair.

Thanks to Jeremy. What I wouldn’t give to have seen that.

Marie sent in the cover of Cinelive, a french magazine with Evey and V on the cover.

Askmen.com have released their annual Top 99 Women list. Last year Nat was 25. This year? Click to find out. Thanks to Andrea.

Orionsaint sent in a new Sith snapshot of Padme getting fed up with Anakin’s snoring.

And finally, a couple pieces of fanart. Gim sent in this wallpaper and popcornhead sent in a collage of his fav pics.

Alright, that’s it for now but I’ll be back later with a new poll.


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  • sekar_arum says:

    gosh..sienna at #2?? sucks! Nat should be #1
    love the wallpaper.

    hi dazza @@

  • Sak says:

    Lets hope the Public Theater videotaped the event. That way we can hope we could get a glimpse of it in the future, through a DVD release maybe.