The Knicks gallery will only be ready tomorrow but to tide you over, Pasha found a Hi Res pic from the event.


Scratch that, Melody is working on the gallery now.

The Superficial fires another shot at Nat’s freaky coat and her size. Thanks Pandy.

We had a scan of the Cinelive cover and now here’s a V pic from inside the mag. Thanks to Sonoyta.

Celiana sent in the Berlin Festival’s screening schedule for V for Vendetta. See when and where over here.

And as promised, here is the new poll.

And here are the results of the previous poll.

Isaac Mizrahi’s performance on the red carpet of the Globes was…

Alright by me, as long as the celebs like Nat didn’t mind 26.94% (205 votes)

What are we talking about? Who is Isaac? Why am I not wearing pants? 24.84% (189 votes)

Funny and fun 18.66% (142 votes)

A bit embarrassing 16.43% (125 votes)

Absolutely cringeworthy 11.96% (91 votes)