shagadelic baby

Lets begin today with some site questions that need answering.

Where the hell is the new NP.comic? Matt had to rush back early to university, which was 2 days away by bus. Because he doesn’t have a laptop and he had to rush and take the bus, his computer had to stay behind. He hopes to buy a new laptop soon so hopefully we can get back on track ASAP.

Where the hell is Sanjiro’s Corner? He has writers block. Or he’s just lazy. It might not be every week now but he still wants to do a couple a month.

When the hell is a Garden State going to be shown in Moldova? I promised Immaculata I would remind people (especially those who live outside the States) to send in Nat on TV news if they get it. If you click here you’ll see that all the listings are from the USA. It’d be nice to cover more of the world.

OK, onto some news.

The Public Sings gallery has had a bunch of pics added.

That 60’s look seems to be dividing people as Sky think it’s fantastic while the Egotastic thinks its awful. That Blog also hated the Bridge and Tunnel look and in this case I’ve got to agree.

I gotta run but I’ll be back later with a new poll. I promise.